Jewelry, Necklace, Bracelet, Multi-use 2-Sided Wooden Display Stand Personal Organizer

Rustica Jewelry

$ 65.00

This compact, two-sided, multi-purpose jewelry stand is designed to store your personal earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in a small desktop home organizer but can also work great as a space-saving display in a retail shop where display room is limited. The front of the stand features 3 slats with 12 holes each, capable of holding 18 pairs of earrings in total. The rear of the stand features 4 dowels at 1.5" capable of holding several necklaces with 12" of hanging space, in which longer necklaces can be folded over. The sides of the stand feature an additional two dowels per side with 4.75" of hanging space for bracelets or necklaces.

This compact multi-use stand is constructed of poplar and select pine wood, stained in a classic light natural brown to preserve the beautiful grain, and finished with paste wax for a natural look and long-lasting protection. The base and top of the stands have been routed with a 1/4" roundover fillet and brass and wood buttons accents have been added to achieve an elegant and classic look.


  • 14" height base to top
  • 8" wide at top, 9.25" wide at base, 14.75" wide at side posts
  • 3.5” deep
  • 6" slat space (inner dimensions between posts)
  • 3" slat hanging space between rows; 3.5" at last row
  • 12" hanging space at rear posts
  • 4.75" hanging space for side posts


  • • 18 pairs of earrings
  • Approx. 18-20 long necklaces
  • Approx. 24-30 bracelets


  • Select pine wood and poplar

  • Brass and wood button accents

  • Hand-painted stain

  • Paste wax sealant for a smooth finish and feel and durability

**Note: Jewelry shown on displays in pictures are for demonstration purposes only and are not included with the stand purchase (but please do check out our jewelry line to fill your stand!).

*Capacities listed above are based on an approximation of commonly sized jewelry. The actual capacity of the stands will vary by jewelry size and design, and how the stand is utilized.


* Please read shop policies before ordering, you can find this under the dropdown menu in the 'more' tab 

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