About the Artist

 Welcome, and thank you for visiting Rustica Jewelry! My name is Linda and I am the sole owner and artist of Rustica.
Rustica Jewelry was born in 2009 as my jewelry creation was making a transition from a personal interest to an actual business. I take pride in creating each piece of work by hand and knowing that my customers are getting an excellent quality piece of art. I specialize in incorporating metals with natural stones and applying experimental techniques to achieve unique textures, colors and designs through techniques such as soldering, brazing and various oxidation methods. I am also quite fond of intricate beadwork.
I am continuously inspired by the colors, shapes and textures of the natural world surrounding me. My background in science has helped me appreciate the beauty of natural world and I observe artistic design in earth's natural resources. A majority of my inspiration comes from my time spent living and traveling in the southwestern US. I love working with turquoise, jasper, copper and silver, focusing on natural hues and glowing earth tones. My color pallet often reflects natures own color schemes found in lakes, forests, sunsets, etc. All stones used in my creations are hand selected and have been chosen specifically for their quality and uniqueness.
 Thanks so much for visiting Rustica Jewelry and supporting an independent artist!